how to fit install a upvc door drip weather bar

UPVC weatherbar rain drip bars are one of the most popular items in our hardware and accessories range, both for fitters and homeowners alike.

These weather bars are extremely useful for doors that open inwards to prevent, or at least significantly reduce, rainwater pooling up at the cill of the door. In essence, rain drip bars "push outwards" potential  rainwater so that large amounts of water does not enter into your property.

So whether you're a homeowner or a fitter, we understand that not all weatherbars are installed in the same way. For this reason, we have listed instructions on how to install our door drip weather bars.




  1. Close the door and measure the opening width only. Deduct approx 1cm to save clearance from hitting the door frame. this will be the length that you should cut the plastic drip bar.
  2. Cut the plastic door drip bar as per your sizes from the previous step.
  3. Then, cut the metal strip approx 2cm shorter than the plastic itself.
  4. With the door still closed, draw a horizontal line roughly 3cm above the bottom cill.
  5. Fix the metal strip with the curvy bit sticking outwards so that the middle part sits flush onto the door. It is advised to use self-tapping screws.
  6. Once the metal strip is fitted, open the door and slide the plastic bar onto the metal strip.
  7. Open and close the door to check and ensure that there are no obstructions in the way of the weatherbar.
  8. Once you are happy with the clearance, fit the caps on with glue or silicone.
  9. If required, you may silicone the top part of the drip bar.


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