Window Trickle Slot Vent - Dark Brown, 440mm

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Window Trickle Slot Vent 440mm Dark Brown for Rosewood Mahogany uPVC Double Glazing & Timber Windows Reduces Condensation, Damp & Steam in Windows Fully Adjustable

Through the frame trickle vents. AirAway vents conforms and is in line with current Building Regulations. Easy to fit vents. Suitable for uPVC, Wooden and Aluminium windows UV Stable Robust and elegant dark brown finish. Fully controlled ventilation Ideal for night ventilation The perfect solution for condensation.

  • Reduce Condensation, Damp & Mould By Providing Air Flow.
  • Each - Easy To Fit Vent Includes Inside Part, Outside Part, Screw Caps & Screws.
  • Suitable for uPVC Double Glazed, Timber, Aluminium Windows & Doors Heavy Duty Can Be Used To Replace Existing Vents
  • 440mm Overall Length and 23mm projection Providing An Impressive 2580 mm2 Air Flow
  • Features 2 flaps that can be operated separately to control the air flow.

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