Vent-a-Matic Cord Operated Fan 162mm DGS 106 for Double Glazing

Sale price£62.95


*A Non Electrical Window Ventilator* The Simon ventamatic cord operated (NON-ELECTRICAL) fans are durable and are an effective range of in-glass ventilators that can solve most ventilation requirements.

  • Model DGS106 to suit 162mm diameter hole
  • Model DGS106 For Double Glazed Windows
  • Model DGS106 can be fitted Hermetically sealed units 12-32mm
  • Model DGS106 for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, average size rooms / 9000mm2
  • Equipped with diffusing rotor to prevent draught and improve fresh air distribution
  • Helps prevent condensation in most sized rooms
  • Rotor operates under own inertia even when air pressure equalised

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