Variable Angle Bay Pole Set (Eurocell)

Pole Length: 1000mm
With Load-Bearing Jack: No
Sale price£69.00


Variable Angle Bay Pole Set With Aluminium Reinforcement and Adaptors

This bay pole set is designed for Eurocell windows and doors, but they may be adaptable for other profiles, depending on the brand used. They are easily adjustable to any angle between 100-180 degrees (see photos for further details) and are a great solution for combining two frames together at variable angle. Simply slide the adaptors into place and fix.

Bay pole support with load-bearing jacks are nowadays a compulsory requirements within the framework of the Building  Regulations in England and Wales.  The set also comes with optional bay jacks which are easily adjustable in height to take pressure from the load on bays. It provides a cost-effective route to compliance. Fensa regularly check the installation of Bay windows in England and Wales against "Approved Document A - Structure". The inspector will be looking for evidence that the installation has reinforcement where appropriate to ensure it is able to sustain the load it is supporting. And if they find that jacks such as these are not fitted on to the bay windows/doors then your windows will fail the building regulations compliance.


Available length of pole set (not including the jack sizes):






What's in the pack?

1x Aluminium reinforcement round pole
1x PVC round pole
2x adaptors

The support poles can also be purchased with a set of load-bearing jacks:

1x top plate
1x adjustable base


For only suitable Jack for this pole, click here. 


For only the aluminium reinforcement pole, click here.

See photos for fitting guides and dimensions.

Size tolerance: +/- 3mm

  • Bay pole set with aluminium reinforcement and adaptors 
  • Optional: adjustable height round bay pole jacks
  • Cost effective route to achieving compliance on bay windows with jacks
  • Suitable reinforcement to sustain the load it is supporting
  • Ideal for Bay Windows


Note: This product is combined from a variety of items and are cut to the required length on order. As a result, you should expect a delay in delivery dates, which is usually not more than 5 days in addition to the anticipated delivery date.

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