Draught prevention door and window ramp - Pack of 10, White

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Our window ramps are designed to fit Eurocell windows but they can also be adapted to suite most other types of window brands.

These are very useful adjustment ramps for UPVC windows and doors that are twisted by dropping. Very easy to fit, simply clip it in. That's all. Alternative they can be glued on if the clips don't match your window profile.

If your UPVC windows or doors need adjustment because they not sit plum into the frame then these ramps might do the trick.

Do you see a gap in the window or door?
Is the window or door letting draught in?

Our UPVC window and door ramps is a low cost solution to solving any out-of-plum windows and doors. Simply fit them every 30-50cm and your window or door sash will glide against the ramp, thereby positioning the sash in the correct place.

What's in the pack?
10x white window ramps

  • UPVC window and door ramp adjustment for twisted/dropped sashes.
  • The opening section glides against the frame when closed, thereby positioning the sash into place.
  • Reduces draught and gaps in the window and doors.
  • Easy to fit - either clip in or glue on.
  • Pack of 10.

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