Black Single-sided Sponge Foam Tape for weatherproofing and soundproofing windows and doors

Size: 2M x 10mm x 5mm
Sale price£3.84


This Black Single-sided Sponge Foam Tape is the perfect solution for weatherproofing and soundproofing windows and doors. Its high-quality material provides reliable protection against the elements, while also reducing noise and improving energy efficiency. With easy application and long-lasting durability, this tape is a must-have for any home or business.


  • Material: Foam Sponge Rubber
  • Size: Various lengths and thickness'
  • Type: Sealing Strips
  • Double/Single Sides: Single sided adhesive tape
  • Application: weather stripping for doors and windows
  • Window Hardware: anti collision rubber strip
  • Sealing Strip Tape: Window Door Seal Strip

10M EVA black single-sided sponge tape Rubber Seal Strip Strong Adhesive Door Window Weather Stripping Shockproof Anti-collision

Stylish design
Excellent buffering
Shock resistance
Heat resistance
Moisture resistance
Chemical corrosion resistance
Widely used in domestic property windows and doors, factories, electronic appliances, hardware and electronics

Package Included:
1 Roll x Sponge Rubber Strip Tape (Length optional)

Please allow for size tollerance in length and in thickness. Color may vary.


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