Bifold Door Magnet Holder Catch - Matt Black 25mm

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This magnetic catch is especially designed to hold back the opening sashes on a bi-fold door when they open. The sashes are stacked neatly to one side and can prevent normal wind pressure.

Available in:

65mm height (used primarily for the "main" door of a bifold)

25mm height (usually fixed to the sub-folding sashes of a bifold door)

Both sizes in black and white colours.

Supplied as a pair (in a box) and are packaged along with screws for two fixing methods for aluminium profiles. Although primarily used on aluminium bifold doors, these magnetic catch can be used on many other similar applications including wooden bifolds and french doors. Fabricators can opt to insert a rivet nut into the sash and fasten the catch to it using the M5 bolts provided or they can screw directly into the door profile using the self drilling screws if preferred.

Every catch is supplied with an anti-rotation grub screw. This stops the catch from rotating around the central fixing point.

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