Pair of Egress Easy Clean Friction Stay - 13mm Stack - 16"

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uPVC Window Hinge

Our Egress Easy Clean Friction Stays (hinges) are available for side hung applications. Compatible with the majority of UPVC profile systems, with the option of either 13mm or 17mm stack heights and either 12" or 16".

These hinges are designed to stay in any open position by means of friction and are common on top-hung and side-hung windows of uPVC or aluminium.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel button: move the window into easy clean position
  • Enhanced weather sealing - enclosed end caps, asymmetric location system and profiled vent are all help
  • Long life expectancy - uses Thermoplastic components and tested to 25,000 cycles
  • Smooth operation - patented lipped slider
  • Friction screw misuse eliminated - robust cam friction device
  • High standard weather sealing - BS6375 Part 1
  • BBA accredited

These friction stays are sutiable for most UPVC and aluminium window applications. They can be used as new or replacement of existing friction stays.

If you are experiencing the following then replacing worn out friction stays with these new ones may be a good idea:

* Difficulty opening and closing the window
* Window not closing tightly into frame
* Draughts through closed window despite gaskets in place
* Window fails to stay in position when partially open

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