Kenrick 6 pin Double Cylinder, Nickel Finish, 100mm (50/50)

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  • High security door cylinder that provides superb protection
  • Supplied with 3 keys
  • Easy to install without the needs for any special tools or equipment
  • Suitable for UPVC, aluminium and timber doors
  • 6-pin cylinder

The Kenrick cylinders offer a secure solution at a competitive price. Kenrick cylinders feature 6 pins with stainless steel springs. Easy to install Kenrick cylinders are suitable for an extensive choice of applications.

Dimensions: overall length 100mm (50/50 split) with 5mm increment in the middle.

Sizes on photo:

A = 100mm

B = 50mm

C = 50mm

The best choice for door cylinder barrels
- Provides an easy way to change the keys on a property by simply replacing the Euro lock cylinder.

- Convenient way to be able to change your keys without having to replace the entire lock and that can be fitted in minutes without the need for any special tools or equipment.

- The quickest and easiest way to upgrade the security rating of your property and a convenient way to change the locks if you have moved in new house, lost your keys or suspect someone else has access to a copy of your key.

Quality Locking

Includes a set of 3 standard keys and additional replacement keys can be ordered from a locksmith or hardware store.

What's in the pack?
1x Nickel Cylinder 3x Keys 1x Fixing Screw

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