Thumb-Turn Euro Cylinder Door Lock Barrel - Brass, 50/50

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  • All cylinders are supplied with three keys and fixing screw
  • Cylinders conform to BS EN1303 Classification 16000C60
  • Anti pick and anti drill for additional security
  • First measurement is the thumb-turn side
  • Suitable for use on UPVC, aluminium and timber doors

Size: 100mm overall

A = 50mm

B = 50mm

Thumb-Turn Euro Cylinder Door Lock Barrel - Brass & Nickel - Replacement Thumb-Turn Lock Barrel - Drill Resistant

Thumb-turn cylinders offer the ideal security solution. The door can be locked and unlocked from the inside without the use of a key but without diminishing the level of security. This type of lock is also ideal in case of fires. If you have locked your door and could not find the key to get out in case of an emergency, what would you do?

These replacement thumb-turn cylinders enhance the security of your door and are so easy to fit that any DIY novice can do it in minutes!

This is a certified thumb-turn lock that has been tested to meet British Standard BS EN1303 - Grade 6. Our added security thumb-turn locks will fit all uPVC doors. They can also fit to Aluminium, Patio and Composite doors. Once fitted you simply turn the knob at the end of the cylinder to lock or unlock your door from the inside, you will only need the key to lock your door from the outside. These types of cylinders are ideal for front or back doors as they can be used efficiently in an emergency. These can be used to replace existing thumb-turns or the standard euro cylinder.

**Our Standard cylinders are measured from each of the cylinder to the central fixing screw**

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