Patriot Plus Flag Hinge Secure Door 19mm - Polished Gold

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  • 19mm Stack Height Pre-assembled ready to fit
  • PAS 24 accredited as part of a door assembly
  • Patented anti-lift feature
  • Full 3D adjustment
  • Non handed - Fits both left and right handed doors

The Patriot Plus high security door hinge offers a slim, unobtrusive appearance with an improved clearance for plaster line and finishing. Easy, accurate and independent 3D adjustment means no visible gap during height adjustment, giving better aesthetics and stability. It is supplied pre-assembled and ready to fit, dramatically speeding up the fitting process.

  • Suited Patriot Plus Hinge Flag Hinges Pre-assembled ready to fit.
  • Slim and unobtrusive appearance.
  • PAS 24 accredited as part of a door assembly.
  • Fitter and installer friendly.
  • Patented anti-lift feature.
  • Additional location pins to reduce twist.
  • Full 3D adjustment.
  • Vertical adjustment, no gap between flag and base.
  • Non handed.
  • No visible fixings.


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