12 inch Premium Quality Trojan Unicorn Letterplate - Polished Gold

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12 Inch Trojan Unicorn Letterbox Letter Plate

  • Premium Quality
  • 180 Degree Flap Opening
  • Telescopic to fit most door thicknesses

This letter plate is manufactured by Trojan, a Yale owned company and an industry leader in window and door hardware. The Unicorn letter plate gives the user the ability to open the flap to 180 degrees eliminating excessive leverage on pivots; this provides much greater durability and increased functionality.

The design and construction is unique with pressed metal flaps that shroud the surround, improving appearance.

The ergonomically folded edge of the flap also products comfort and ease of use. Strength and durability are increased by the use of stainless steel torsion springs rather than a conventional plastic type.

Stainless steel flap on Chrome and Gold for advanced corrosion resistance
Telescopic sleeve aids fitting
Flap opens to 180 degrees
External flap comes with additional seal to shut out cold and noise
Colour match end caps

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