28mm White UPVC Panel with Reinforced 4mm MDF for Added Security (1000 x 1000)

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28mm White UPVC Door Panel, Reinforced with 4mm MDF

Our UPVC door panels are the ideal product for replacing broken or damaged double glazed units, existing broken or damaged door panels, or where extra security is required.

These panels are supplied to your chosen size above, however also ready to be cut to your own required size by yourself. Our door panels consist of two outer layers of white PVC sheet and it also has an added feature, which most other panels don't have, which is a 4mm MDF sheet between two layers of polystyrene foam insulation. This means that these panels are stronger than the panels that don't have the reinforcement, and it also offers excellent thermal insulation. The PVC is UV stable which means it will not go pink over time.

Be sure to check the thickness of your door panel before ordering. In the UK, panels are usually 24mm thick or 28mm thick. All panels in this listing are 28mm thick.

Available sizes (millimetres):
750 x 750
500 x 500
500 x 1500
750 x 1500

1000 x 1000

Size tolerance +/- 5mm

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